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Arvind Mahile College
Welcome to Sri Arvind Mahila College, a name that brings to ones mind an ideally located institution with a glorious heritage, is dedicated to excellence in the field of higher learning. Committed to the cause of empowerment of masses, through the instrument of education, excellence in academics and extra-curricular/co-curricular activities has been its guiding mantra since 1960, the year of its establishment.
 Arvind Mahila College


  • “Leadus totherighteous path,
    Lead us from darkness to light,
    Lead us from death to immortality.”
    Here we do not mean the immortality of the human body, but the human ideas, institutions, human thought & training, which is imparted to the students, should live on for generations to come…
  • To stimulate both the hearts and minds of students.
  • Empower them to contribute to the welfare of the society at large.
  • Train them to adopt themselves to the changing needs of the economy.
  • Advocate them for cultural leadership.
  • To ensure peace, harmony and prosperity for all.
  • Thus make Sri Arvind Mahila College- One of the most creative, innovative colleges in Patna and Bihar -an asset that Patna urgently needs.


  • To create a vibrant culture of academics and extracurricular activities which together make girls into self- confident, self- reliant, self- sufficient, responsible and capable individuals.
  • To change the way people think- to encourage students to break free of constricted modes of thinking, so that they can respond to new opportunities and challenges without limitations.
  • To provide a market oriented professional education to the girl students of India in general, and Patna in particular with a view to serving the cause of higher education.
  • To make students flexible, more movable and easy to deal with.
  • Grooming leading leaders who are not only thorough professionals but good human beings with values and ‘Sanskars’.

The Vision and Mission statements are imbued in the daily activities of this institution. Students are encouraged to freely interact with faculty members, and seek their counsel whenever required. The College encourages regular national and international faculty and students exchange programs. Sri Arvind Mahila College, Patna, becomes the hub of placement activities around mid-year time. This institution also promotes interdisciplinary action research thereby highlighting the institution's social responsibilities. Every effort is taken by the administration to impart holistic education as inscribed in its vision and mission statements.

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