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Arvind Mahile College
Welcome to Sri Arvind Mahila College, a name that brings to ones mind an ideally located institution with a glorious heritage, is dedicated to excellence in the field of higher learning. Committed to the cause of empowerment of masses, through the instrument of education, excellence in academics and extra-curricular/co-curricular activities has been its guiding mantra since 1960, the year of its establishment.
 Arvind Mahila College

Language Lab Co-Ordinator Message

‘He who know the language is worth double’

Language is the medium of communication and effective communication is an Essential component for getting success.

Today it has acquired newer dimensions, because we live in a multilingual and multicultural world which is being shrunk to the size of a village by the advancement of science and technology .the language laboratory exists to help one to use technology effectively to communicate. It is not merely for learning science but can be used for teaching a number of languages efficiently.

The Language Lab in Sri Arvind Mahila College provides the opportunity for our student to accelerate language acquisition through the use of computer resources. By using modern computer programme students are enabled to see, hear, speak and write in the new language. They are exposed to sound, grammar, sentence structure and all other aspects of the phonetics of the language. It also provides (i) effective communicative training programmes for the general public, private and the corporate sectors. (ii) General documentation, software documentation of all forms of technical documentation. (iii) Online courses or paperless examination can be conducted through language laboratory.

Getting the desired jobs can be challenging for the students because of growing competition and increasing standards of recruitment with our strong guidance and association we will not only make our student corporate ready but also to enrich with the cutting- edge skills.

Dr. Sarita Sinha
Language Lab

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